Initial Breathing 


Initial Consultation:
Breathing Assessment

1 hr 30 min   l   $175

Team collaboration meeting start up conc
Breathing Retraining

Groups      l    $690 

Up to 8 participants

Individual and family

                l    $ Price determined by age, number of sessions and family members attending

Workshops and 
Followup WoF or Breathing Coaching


1 hr 30 min  l   $35 pp


1 hr 30 min   l   $115

Coaching :

1 hr 30 min   l   $120

What You Can Expect



A capnometer is a biofeedback instrument used to measure end tidal carbon dioxide (etCO2) - the concentration of CO2 at the end of an exhale; breathing rate and pattern. 

It is an invaluable tool in identifying and evaluating existing breathing habits, and quickly enables clients to learn how they can alter their patterning in real time to help relieve symptoms of poor breathing.


The capnometer can be used as both an identification tool and training tool.

Is this For You?

Free 20 minute consultation.

Call or email and book a call to determine whether a Breathing Assessment will help you.

The initial consultation at the Breathe Free Clinic is a 60 to 90 minute Breathing Assessment using visual observation and Capnometry to help determine whether you have any breathing dysfunction. By identifying any dysfunction and by learning how this can undermine your health over time, you will have the awareness and motivation to making change consciously.

Prior to the assessment you will be sent an in-depth health questionnaire to fill in which will give the practitioner important information about your health to keep you safe during the session and during any followup training.

Sample Capno-Traces Before and After a Breathe Free course
11 Year Old Girl at Assessment
11 Year Old Girl after Course six weeks later
11 Yr Girl before Mar 18.jpeg
11 Yr Girl After Jun 18.jpeg

Course Structure:

Breathing retraining through The Breathe Free Clinic is an educative and self-managed approach which is structured in the following way: 

  • Breathing Assessment with capnometry (60 minutes).

  • Breathing Course – 6 sessions in total:

  • four 90 minute group sessions on consecutive days (Mon to Thurs). 

  • a fifth group session one week later.

  • a sixth follow-up session 6 weeks later (private 60 minute consultation with capnometry).

An option is to be taught the course privately in 6 sessions.  With this option dates and times are flexible.


What You Can Expect:

Significant improvements in symptoms may be seen within the first five days.  Your progress will depend on the degree to which your breathing is disordered, your state of health, your level of self-awareness, motivation and commitment to put into practice what you learn and your willingness to address lifestyle factors which affect breathing.


What is Included?

  • Awareness of poor breathing habits, including signs, symptoms and health impacts. 

  • Common breathing-related health conditions.  

  • Causes of dysfunctional breathing including posture, diet, stress behaviour and other lifestyle factors. 

  • The science of breathing.

  • The correct way to breathe.

  • Exercises and techniques to practice during the day to normalise breathing and establish gentle, rhythmic diaphragm-breathing and recondition your set point of breathing.  Formal exercises are introduced, practiced at home and then checked daily in class to ensure you are doing them correctly and to identify common mistakes that can slow progress.  

  • Tips on how to incorporate breathing practice into everyday life.

  • Guidelines regarding sleep, stress, illness, eating, talking, singing and exercising.  

  • Discussion of possible clearing reactions and precautions.    

  • Course manual.


Exercises need to be practised daily until your breathing pattern has normalised (or until you reach the best breathing pattern you are capable of, given your state of health). Exercises are not physically demanding and are tailored to you.  


By the end of the last session, you will have lifelong knowledge and skills that will enable you to maintain normal functional breathing.


  • A monthly payment plan is available on request

  • A 30% discount is available for additional family members

         If three or more children in one family, the fee will be further discounted.

  • Within 12 months of completion of your course you are able to attend any session of a course as a refresher at no extra tuition cost.  

  • To optimise results we recommend a six month and yearly WOF breathing check-up.  

”Breathing retraining is the specific discipline in which the primary goal is to normalise each aspect of the breathing pattern (rate, rhythm, volume, mechanics, use of the nose), for all situations (awake, asleep, at rest, during eating, speech and exercise).”


- Tess Graham, Buteyko Practitioner/Physiotherapist, 

           Author of Relief From Anxiety and Panic and Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea 



Workshops  Up to 30 participants


How to Get the Most of Your Breathing Education:

  • Within 12 months of completion of your course you are able to attend any session of a group course as a refresher at no extra tuition cost.  

  • To optimise results we recommend a six month and yearly WOF breathing check-up. This includes a capnometry assessment.

  • Coaching offers another option to help you sustain the breathing pattern changes you have made. A breathing coaching session is a one-to-one session individualised to meet your needs and can be in person or via an internet session on Skype or Zoom. Coaching sessions can be booked one at a time or a block of 6 monthly sessions at a reduced rate.