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Meet Felicity Campbell

Breathing Educator and Coach
Assoc BIBH, MTL Coach & ICF Affiliate

Felicity is a Certified Buteyko Institute

Breathing Educator, Life Coach and Mentor.

Her teaching incorporates the Buteyko method, Capnometry 

to assist in assessing breathing function and retraining; and a

gentle breathing method developed by an Australian physio-therapist, whom she also trained under.


"I was inspired to become a practitioner because of the lasting health benefits I had myself in learning the Buteyko technique over 16 years ago; and because of it's widespread application.

I would love to pass this on to you."


Why Is Breathing Well SO Important?

Breathing Well Underpins Good Health.

When stressors, whether lifestyle, diet, environmental or psychological, become too great, they alter our breathing and over time these patterns become habitual. Functional healthy breathing is at the heart of wellness and resilience in our fast paced ever-changing world.

Over the past century we have seen a huge rise in non-communicable diseases such as asthma, sleep apnoea, diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue and mental health issues to name a few. Traditional medicine has struggled to deal with this rise without pharmaceutical help, which often falls short and can cause undesirable side effects. It has therefore become essential for individuals to learn about and take responsibility for their own health in order to stay well. 

On average, we are breathing faster and take bigger breaths than we used to. This leads to Chronic Hidden Hyperventi-

lation. If left uncorrected the hyperventilation becomes less hidden and may show up for example as asthma or needing to take big catch up breaths, yawns and sighs. In order to correct this, we have to first notice what is going on and then address the causes and support re-balancing our bodies.


This is what breathing re-education at the Breathe Free Clinic aims to do.


How Can We Help You at

the Breathe Free Clinic?


Breathing retraining at the Breathe Free Clinic aims to correct Breathing Pattern Disorders 

which are prevalent today. These include asthma, snoring and sleep apnoea, mental health issues including panic attacks, anxiety and poor concentration and can be a causative factor in chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular problems, to name a few.

Tired man in eyeglasses in metro train.
Anxiety, Panic Attacks,
Stress and
Chronic Fatigue

Is your nervous system in overload, running on overdrive, often tired, often in pain? ... learn how you can turn this around.

Young woman with a pounding headache or
Asthma, Hayfever & Allergies

Whether you live with a wheeze, itchiness, constant cough or breath shortness, there is a natural method to reduce and often eliminate your symptoms. Ask us how!

Asthma patient inhaling medication for t
ill allergic rash dermatitis eczema skin

Over-breathing  may be obvious and severe or hidden (unnoticed). Breathing volumes have doubled in the past fifty years. Let us show you the science behind why this can lead to many health problems, and more importantly how to fix it.

A woman blocking ears while man snoring
A woman wearing anti-snoring chin straps
Snoring, Sleep Apnoea and Insomnia

If you suffer from any of these, breathing retraining offers you a natural way to help you, and your household, to enjoy a full nights sleep without the need for devices or appliances. 

A man unable to fall asleep in bed.jpg
Young tired woman worker student taking
Breathing for Teachers and Speakers

Gain confidence and reduce symptoms common amongst public presenters and teachers such as a constant sore throat, post nasal drip, and coughing. 

Female Lecturer delivering Presentation
Sporting Performance

If shortness of breath, stops you performing at your best, learn to breathe efficiently so you can reach your peak. Recover faster, reduce pain and cramping.

Attractive athlete on a race track is re
Woman having panic attack indoors.jpg


Initial Breathing 
Team collaboration meeting start up conc
Breathing Retraining
Group or Individual
Followup Consults
and Talks 



"I had periodic mild to severe episodes of asthma in addition to colds or flu that would regularly become bronchial infections. The worst of these ... prompted me to begin breathing retraining. In the more than a year since I have been engaged in the training, I have had no more episodes of asthma, no colds or flu, and no episodes of bronchial or lung infection. I no longer need a bronchodilator and am in the process of eliminating a daily corticosteroid (which Leslie has since done) ...I highly recommend the Breathe Free Clinic's breathing retraining to others.

It has been a great pleasure working with Felicity. Our written and video (Skype) communications were always prompt, well planned, and well executed. Felicity was very knowledgeable and well organised. Thank you."

— Lesley Giesen, (66 yr old) via Skype in UAE

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